Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer, where are you going?

I refuse to believe that summer is more than half over, but I fear I have to acknowledge that my free days are limited.  We have been so busy, I sort of feel like I missed all of June and most of July, only to wake up and realize how much had already happened.  It just isn't fair.

Connor is growing and growing; physically and mentally.  The poor kid is still short and skinny though, still wearing a 12month size in his shorts and swim trunks, but is getting a little taller.  Hopefully he will miss my short gene.  Intellectually he is incredible!  In just the past couple of weeks he has become quite the conversation artist.  He can carry on a pretty clear conversation with anyone, and has a memory that shocks us all.  Yesterday we were playing in the living room and Dino Dan was on in the background.  A dinosaur roared and I said something about it to Connor, who looked at me in complete seriousness and said, "No Mommy, not Dinosaur, Tyrannosaurus."  The kid is smart. 

Connor was able to spend a week with Mimi and Pa while Chris and I took a vacation with friends.  I believe his favorite part of the week was going to Floydada and getting to drive the riding lawnmover and ride in the Combine.  His Pa and Pop Pop had a good time with that as well!  He was also quite impressed that Pop Pop and Granny have a Raider Red statue that is bigger than he is.  We brought him a toy guitar back from our cruise and he plays it non-stop, though he discovered that if he puts cereal in the hole it is difficult to get out.  We missed him like crazy while we were gone; kept seeing little kids around our cruise ship that were about his age, but it was nice to be able to have some adult time again, and it was great getting to see him when we got back!

Connor also started swimming lessons this week, and is doing alright.  He is the youngest in his class, and is a bit timid, but he does really well when he wants to!  We are working on our "scoops" and kicks.  He does each one idependently pretty well, but putting them together is not something he is interested in.  Walking like a monkey on the wall of the pool is only an acceptable activity if it is getting him somewhere he wants to go in the pool, and jumping in doesn't hold much appeal (I'm totally okay with that!).  However, he is a bubble-blowing champ!  I can't believe we only have a handful of days left to play together!

Like I mentioned before, Chris and I just got back from vacation.  We took a 7-night cruise on the Norwegian Spirit out of New Orleans with our best friends, Kathy and Chris Vance.  We had a great time, and were able to see some Mayan ruins and go cave tubing, and we had fantastic weather the whole time we were gone.  But, we didn't escape rain completely, it poured on us while we were walking around New Orleans on Sunday before our flight home.  I'll write a seperate blog about our cruise later, as soon as I finally write one about the Disney trip, but as a preview I will say that I definitely prefer Royal Caribbean to Norwegian.  The itinerary was great, but the cruise experience itself wasn't as nice as we have experienced on Royal or on Disney. 




The next couple of weeks are a bit crazy as well, with family birthdays, more swim lessons, staff development starting, and trying to fit in lots of lunch dates with graduated seniors before they head off to college.  But, I am determined to enjoy what is left of summer! 


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  1. Aww Connor is getting SO big! And totally adorable. :) Little boys are so much fun. I'm so glad you had such a lovely vacation. We should get together soon and have some Mommy gab! (My mil has left!)