Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Update

Alright, I really need someone to keep me honest on my blog!  I really do have good intentions with it, and want to remember to write at least something weekly!  So, for those of you who read it, if you notice I haven't posted anything in a long time shoot me an email or a facebook message and harrass me about it.  That includes you, Shelby Gilliland!

Anyway, on to other things.  My summer break this year has already been busy, and wonderfully enjoyable!  Thus far, I have successfully taken 29 teenagers from 3 different high school campuses, along with two fellow directors, two parent chaperones, one former student chaperone, and my own husband, son and mother on a week-long trip to Walt Disney World!  The trip was an overwhelming success, but more on that later. 

We have been back in town a week, and I worked most of last week at Eddie Bauer, had a wedding to attend Saturday, had completely forgotten about Father's Day (sorry Chris and Dad!), and had a playdate today at Going Bonkers, where they literally mean you will go bonkers.  Also had two fillings yesterday, which meant my mouth was numb for about 6 hours after...not fun at all.  My sister gets here late tomorrow night, and am excited to spend a week with her!  We have plans to go to the Dallas Aquarium on Thursday, which Connor will love!  Then Chris and I are going on a cruise with two of our best friends in July.  So much to do and plan!  This is my favorite thing about teaching; summer break. 

Anyway, I plan to post a great deal about our student trip shortly, but wanted to just take a few minutes and write down something today!


  1. I've never been so happy. :D

  2. You should post something about missing your favorite student EVER. AKA, House Manager J. Toups

  3. I bought that favorite student a present in Disney World...