Thursday, March 25, 2010

UIL One Act Play Ramblings

Well, our UIL season is over. I have mixed feelings about not advancing this year, but feel much better about it than I did last year. We had a great judge, Mr. Kelly Wayne Parker, who told us what we needed to improve on and really helped us out. He pointed out a few things that we need to change directorialy that we just needed someone to point out to us. Last years judge was awful, I won't name names, and blew smoke up our butts about how fantastic our show was and wouldn't give us any information about why we didn't advance. That kind of critique is such a waste of time, we want to know what we need to improve on for the next year, and its much easier to accept defeat when you have a reason for it. Either way, UIL is a gamble every year, and in my opinion should have a panel of judges, not just one, at every level of competition. But, I digress. My students did fantastic work, and walked away 3 All Star Cast, 2 Honorable Mention Cast, and 2 Technical awards. I am so proud of the work they did on this show.

While I am sad to see the season end, I'm excited to finally get to go home after school! Since I returned to work following my maternity leave I have had rehearsal after school daily. I went back in December to Beauty & the Beast in full swing, closed that show on Superbowl Sunday and started The Miss Firecracker Contest the next day. I think my poor baby boy thinks his Grams is his mommy! It is time to change that! I am excited to get to finally be a mommy when my work day ends, and get to spend more than an two hours with my baby before he does to bed for the night. We can go on afternoon walks, play, sing, and just enjoy each others company! Aside from the drill teams Spring Show, I have no after school plans! Yippee!!!!!

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